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Shae Detar

Shae Detar

As if from a dream, Shae DeTar’s photographs seem to hover in the mist just beyond reality. Drawing inspiration from 19th century art as she endeavors to boldly reclaim the nude female form.

SB: Which innovative field ignited your creative passions? 

SD: I would say acting was what ignited my first passion for creativity at the age of 12. In terms of visual arts, I guess collage and mixed media was my first instinct… it was just something fun to do and not considered an art form at the time.

SB: What influenced your decision to pursue photography?  MAYBE

SD: When my dog died, I was overcome with grief. I quit my business and found something more enjoyable to do in life. I taught myself to shoot film and developed photos in a darkroom… it was a lot of trial and error. 

As for the painted stuff, it took me about 5 years to fully develop my own unique technique and process in that medium.

SB: What do you look for in potential subjects?  YES

SD: I start out with a vision and from there all I need is a female human form to carry out the base layer of my work. If they are cool with me experimenting and creating something different out of the images, then we are good to go.